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Do you spend most of your time here at the beach? You aren’t properly set up without some of my beach items like drink caddies, beach powder and beach totes (and of course, those tumblers!) Afraid of your things getting wet? I have you covered there to: waterproof backpacks, waterproof bags for the kids and waterproof phone cases.


I am especially proud to be able to carry the magnificent Sand Cloud towel! These Turkish towels will change your life. They are more absorbent than your average towel, yet they dry quicker, are sand resistant, light and compact and can function as a beach towel, throw, blanket or bath towel!



I love to decorate and have had a blast bringing in some pieces I love! From pillows (indoor and outdoor), blankets, knick knacks, area rugs, indoor and outdoor mats, vases, both beautiful and funny planters, photo frames, windchimes, lanterns and more, you are sure to find something
for your home.

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